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Updated: 08/2023

Terms and conditions for online tickets buying for Monsoon Music Festival 2023:

Please read the following terms carefully before purchasing tickets. By accessing this section of the website, you agreed to our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may change from time to time. You will be subject to the terms and conditions displayed from the time you read.

1. GENERAL regulations

  • Participant regulations

    • Monsoon Music Festival is for all Vietnamese citizens or foreigners staying legally in Vietnam

    • Children over 12 years old will pay similar fare to adult’s; to guarantee the security and safety for emergencies, 8-12 years old children are allowed to participate in the festival without tickets and  must be under adult's guidance; we recommend that children under the age of 8 should not attend the program due to the high volume that may affect the child's hearing.

  • The Organizer officially releases 3 types of tickets. Ticket prices can be changed from time to time, officially announced by Monsoon Music Festival.

    • Thang Long Thanh Hoi Combo:

      • Fanzone for the Opening Gala at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square

      • Thang Long Thanh Hoi admission ticket for 2 days (Oct 21st - 22nd) at Thang Long Imperial Citadel

      • Pho Hang Nhac - Music Week admission ticket to all venues (except 1900)

    • Thang Long Thanh Hoi single-day admission ticket (Oct 21st OR Oct 22nd) at Thang Long Imperial Citadel

    • Pho Hang Nhac admission ticket at each venue (at-gate ticket for single entry)

  • A wristband is valid when:

    • ​Exchanged from a valid e-ticket;

    • Has no sign of being cut or broken before;

    • Tied following the Organizer specifications.

  • The organizer only accepts to change to the wristband for valid e-tickets, which are sent by the Organizer via email. The Organizer is not responsible for all complaints and problems happening to customers because of buying floating tickets, which come from outside of the Organizer's distribution system.

  • How to buy tickets:

    1. Sign in to website Monsoon Music Festival:

    2. Choose the type and quantity of desired tickets

    3. Click "Check out" to view your Cart.

    4. Click "Check out" within the cart window then Sign in/ Sign up Monsoon account or Sign in with Google account

    5. Verify your account via the email sent by Monsoon Music Festival 

    6. Sign in with your verified account. You will be redirected to the Cart, Promotion code would be entered at this step (if any). Click Check out.

    7. Recheck all the information and click “Agree with Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy” 

    8. Choose the payment method: 

      • ATM card

      • International payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex)

      • Wire transfer via QR code

    9. Key in all required information then enter the OTP code

    10. Payment completed, receive the e-ticket via registered email.


Note: Customers can order tickets for others following the above guidance.

Monsoon Music Festival is an outdoor event without seats, so customers cannot choose seats and sheltered areas.

2. Price & Tax Invoice Policy and Types of payment

2.1. Price policy and tax invoice

The price of the ticket includes the value-added tax. The Organizer supports issuing the VAT invoice for customers within 30 days from the day of purchase, please send your information to our email:

2.2. Payment methods

  • Customers can pay via bank card or wire transfer, specifically:

    • ATM Card (Debit/payment/ domestic prepaid card): to pay by domestic bank card, the customer's card must be registered to use the online payment or e-banking feature. The transaction must be successfully recorded by the payment gateway system (ensuring the balance/limit and customer authentication following the card's usage rules).

    • Credit cards, international payment cards, international prepaid cards: Credit/debit/ prepaid cards VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Amex issued by domestic and foreign banks. Transactions must be recorded successfully by the payment gateway system (ensure the balance/limit and customer authentication according to the card's usage rules).

    • Wire transfer via QR code: your bank account must be registered to Internet Banking service. The transaction must be successfully recorded by the payment gateway system (ensure the balance/limit and customer authentication according to the bank account’s usage rules).

  • The Organizer only accepts payment transactions in Vietnamese Dong (VND) for all the payment methods mentioned above.

  • Customers must pay the full fare for one purchase.

  • The transaction is considered completed when the customer receives an email confirming the purchase of the ticket by the Organizer


2.3. Confirmation email for the successful purchase 

After completing the online ticket payment, the Organizer will send the Customer the e-ticket that has been successfully paid via email provided by the Customer within 15 minutes.

Please note that this email includes the e-ticket for the Customer to change to a valid wristband to check in at the event. Therefore, the Organizer recommends that when conducting the purchase steps, the Customer needs to fill in accurate personal information before completing the payment.

This email can go to the spam mailbox, so please check the spam box before contacting us. If you have any questions or problems with buying tickets, you can contact us via email: for assistance.


All the purchased e-ticket is non-cancellable and non-amendable. The Customer should check the email and phone number carefully to guarantee that the Customer will receive the confirmation from the Organizer.

The Customer needs to bring a purchased e-ticket to the Ticket Exchange place of the Organizer to receive the wristband. One e-ticket is equivalent to one wristband only.

Information about the ticket exchange will be advised via email and announced on the Website and Fanpage of Monsoon Music Festival at least one (01) week before the event


  • Monsoon Music Festival or an electronic payment gateway provider, or/and other signatories use specialized technology to identify phishing activities on the website, for example, the use of fake phone numbers and emails. The cooperation of the Customer with Monsoon Music Festival is essential. The Customer accepts that the Monsoon Music Festival has the right to terminate the access to the Monsoon Music Festival website if the Customer acts on behalf of any reason that is in doubt with fraud or violates these terms.

  • Illegal reselling of tickets; Running promotions without permission from the Organizer: 

    • ​The Organizer has the right to automatically cancel tickets without compensation if the Organizer realizes reselling, counterfeiting, or making multiple copies of tickets. The Organizer is not responsible for the situation Customers buy tickets at another source (not under the ticket distribution system of the Organizer) and cannot check in. Besides, the Organizer reserves the right to restrict or deny the right to purchase tickets to any person determined by the Organizer to violate the event's policy. 

    • Unless approved in writing by Production Thanh Viet Co., Ltd., Monsoon Music Festival tickets will not be used for purposes including (but not limited to): advertising, promotion, and withdrawal lucky draw contests. In any case, the use of trademarks and other intellectual property rights relates to the tickets for Monsoon Music Festival, which must be approved in writing by Production Thanh Viet Company Limited.



  • Monsoon Music Festival ticket is non-refundable and non-amendable.

  • Lost Ticket: If the e-ticket is lost, the Organizer can resend the new e-ticket for the Customer if the Customer can present identification documents for transactions. However, if the e-ticket has been exchanged for the wristband, the e-ticket will not be resent to the Customer for any reason.

  • In case of force majeure beyond the control of the Organizer, the event is delayed or canceled, the successfully purchased ticket(s) will be refunded by the Organizer

6. customer care & complaints resolving policy

We only support processing requests and complaints regarding technical processing when booking and paying for tickets on the official ticket distribution platforms of the Monsoon Music Festival. All inquiries related to Tickets and Events, The Customer can contact Monsoon Music Festival 2023 via

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