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PRIVACY POLICY for website users

Updated: 07/2023

1. Overview of Information Privacy and Data Security Policy for Users

The Customer's Personal Data Protection Policy is a set of policies established by Production Thanh Viet Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as "TVP" or "We"), the company that owns the website (hereinafter referred to as "MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN"), regarding the rights of TVP in using personal information of users on the website

The users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") of MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN include:

  • Individuals who only view/use MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN without registering an official account.

  • Individuals who register an official account on the MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN platform.

  • Authorized ticket-selling units of TVP using the MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN platform.


Users are required to agree to all the terms mentioned below.


  • MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN may use third-party services (such as Facebook Login, Google Analytics) for statistical purposes, website monitoring, and enhancing user experience. Users are required to agree to the terms of service and privacy policies of these third parties. In most cases, the User's browser ensures that third parties can only collect non-identifiable information.

2. Direct Information Collection

2.1. Non-identifiable Personal Information


We have full authority to collect the following information:

  • Non-identifiable information includes (but is not limited to): IP address, information about the User's browser, geolocation information, and information about the source (traffic referrer) leading to our services.

  • These pieces of information are usually automatically sent to websites whenever Users access them and are often not used to verify the User's identity. We may actively retrieve this information using various technologies to serve purposes such as researching habits and improving user experience, troubleshooting, and security.

2.2. Identifiable Personal Information

  • For authorized ticket-selling units: Users must provide accurate personal information of ticket buyers into the system. This information includes (but is not limited to): full name, phone number, email address, identity card/citizen ID/passport number. Except for the event creator's email, all other information related to the program will be displayed directly on MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN, and everyone can view this information, whether they are logged in or not.

  • For event attendees: When Users register a new account or purchase tickets on MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN, Users agree to allow us to use all the information they provide. This information includes (but is not limited to): full name, email address, password, phone number, and other identifiable information.

2.3. Bank Account and Credit Card Information

For online transactions conducted through the MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN website, we do not store Users' payment card information. The bank account and payment card information of Users will be protected by our payment gateway partners according to international standards.

Currently, MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN officially collaborates with the online payment gateway OnePAY. Therefore, OnePAY has the right to store customer information, including (but not limited to): payment method information, and transactions, to facilitate the provision of services.

The online payment gateway OnePAY will manage customer databases and service fees; therefore, we CANNOT DIRECTLY ACCESS Users' bank account and credit card information except when Users directly transfer funds to our account. OnePAY will apply data security measures, transaction information, and customer accounts in accordance with the regulations of international card organizations, the State Bank, and Vietnamese laws.

For monitoring and verification purposes, resolving reconciliation, and arising complaints for Users, OnePAY will provide us with basic information about transactions, including the sender's name, the transfer amount, and the transfer time.

2.4. Cookies, Flash Storage, and Similar Technologies

These are technologies that help us authenticate the users using the MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN website or store some information on the User's browser, computer, or phone for various purposes. We can set the content and duration for this information. Third parties (such as Google Analytics, and Facebook Login) are embedded in MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN can also set content and duration for their own information.

Users can delete or disable these technologies, but this may negatively affect your experience on MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN website.

3. Indirect Information Collection from Third Parties

We use some indirect registration/login systems from third parties (very common worldwide) such as Facebook Login, Google Login. When Users use these services, Users agree to voluntarily transfer ownership of their personal information from these third parties to us.

3.1. Facebook Login

  • If Users choose to use Facebook Login, MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN uses information such as the User's name, email, and profile picture to facilitate easier and faster registration.

  • We will not automatically send messages, post statuses, or pictures to the User's personal page.

  • In some special cases, we will support Users in selecting "Update on Facebook" (via a tick box) if Users want to post specific content on Facebook. However, we will always require Users' consent (tick the agreement box) before each send.


3.2. Google Login

  • If Users choose to use Google Login, MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN will use information such as the User's name, email, and profile picture to facilitate easier and faster registration.

  • We will not automatically send messages, statuses, or pictures to the User's personal page (Google Plus).

  • In some special cases, we will support Users in selecting "Update on Google Plus" (via a tick box) if Users want to post specific content on Google Plus. However, we will always require Users' consent (tick the agreement box) before each send.


4.1. For Production Thanh Viet Limited Company - the organization behind MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN


MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN and the managing company have full authority to store and use Users' personal information whenever Users access our system in any way (e.g., by filling out a form). We will use this information based on compliance with Vietnamese law, as well as utmost respect for Users.


We use Users' information for the following purposes:


  • To verify the accuracy of Users' personal information during the verification process with third parties.

  • For statistics, collection, and research purposes to understand user behavior and develop business, including but not limited to:

    • ​Providing support services, customer care, and responding to customer inquiries.

    • Handling complaints, and fees, and resolving issues.

    • Enhancing service quality and user experience.

  • Sending necessary program information to Users through personal contact channels: email and phone number, including but not limited to:

    • ​Sending e-tickets to Users.

    • Exchanging ticket purchase codes for participating in Monsoon Music Festival events.

    • Processing payment transactions and sending notifications during the transaction process.

    • Updating the latest information about Monsoon Music Festival events to Customers.

  • ​Preventing risky behaviors, and illegal infringements, and ensuring compliance with the "User Agreement" policy.

When Users purchase tickets or register to attend an event, TVP may access the following personal information:

  • Full name, Email address, and Phone number.

  • Additional information that Users provide on the registration form as required by the organizing unit.

4.2. Official Information Display to the Outside


Users' information will be strictly protected and not displayed on the outside (displayed on the outside means visible on the website for anyone to see).

4.3. Information Retention Period

Personal information is information associated with the identification of a specific person. Accordingly, Production Thanh Viet Limited Company will retain and secure Users' personal information on the system server and ensure its safety through a firewall system. Users' personal information will be kept from the time of creation until the latest update.

Except for details of Users' transactions on MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN, which will be retained throughout MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN's operation.


Our business model is NOT based on trading personal information; we consider users as a decisive factor in product development and absolutely respect this information. Therefore, we will NOT sell this information to any third parties, including advertising systems (note: this does not mean that we will NOT share attendee information with event organizers on MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN). However, in some special cases, this information will be transferred to another party. These cases include:

5.1. Business Mergers and Acquisition

During the development process, the organization that created MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN may be acquired by a third party. Users' information may be part of the transfer contract. Therefore, Users acknowledge and agree that any other owner (if any) of MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN has full authority to manage Users' personal information on MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN.

5.2. At the request of competent state authorities

We may provide Users' information if required by courts or state authorities according to the provisions of the law.


6. Privacy Policy Changes


Users manage their account and account password, and only Users can access their personal account using their login name and password chosen by Users. Therefore, Users must keep their passwords secure. Production Thanh Viet Limited Company is not responsible for any damages or losses arising from the Users' failure to comply with this security regulation.

In case Users want to edit their personal data, Users can go to the website and the personal information section to change their personal information. In case Users forget their password, Users can use the "Forgot password" function to request a new password.


If Users suspect that their user account or password has been disclosed, Users must change to a new password or immediately report to the Website Management Board via the email address for assistance.

Users are strictly prohibited from using tools, or programs to interfere illegally with the system or modify the data of MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN. In case we discover that Users intentionally impersonate, cheat, or distribute unauthorized personal information, we have the right to transfer Users' personal information to competent authorities for processing in accordance with the provisions of the law.

MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN has the right to change the content of this policy at any time (we will clearly state the latest update on this page). We will proactively notify Users, but this is not mandatory.

7. Information on MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN's Managing Organization

To inquire about the activities of collecting and processing personal information related to themselves, Users can contact the managing organization of MONSOONFESTIVAL.VN:

Production Thanh Viet LLC.

Address: No. 5, Lane 30, Tay Ho, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Business Registration Number: 0102738283

Head Office: 36B1 Ly Nam De, Quan Ngua, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi


We collect and use Customers' personal information in accordance with the purposes stated above and fully comply with the content of the "Information Privacy and Data Security Policy for Users."

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