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Monsoon Music Festival

Since 2014, Monsoon Music Festival (MMF) – an annual production by Thanh Viet Production – has become the ideal place to be for music lovers and culture enthusiasts right in the historical setting of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Hanoi, Vietnam. With extensive hours of live performance from both upcoming as well as well-established local and international artists, Monsoon attracts over 40 thousand festivalgoers every year. Monsoon offers its festivalgoer of different generations more than just the music, compelling lineup or the grand production of the event, it is a place to be for audiences of different generations to embrace unique experiences and a beautiful sense of community. The festival has gradually become an icon of the city of Hanoi and it has been recognized as an official cultural event of the capital.


Promote artistic innovations


A place for Experiences, Pleasure & Entertainment

Enhance local cohesions, pride, sense of identity and recognition of place


Tourism & Economical development


Enhance the quality of life and celebrate cultural diversity


Encourage inter-cultural competence and dialogue

Provide positive impacts - culturally, socially, economically and environmentally


Provide temporary and permanent employment opportunities for workers, contractors and suppliers



The Founder



Quoc Trung has composed, arranged, banded and produced project for virtually all Vietnam’s biggest stars over the past 20 years. Having been working on world/new-age/electronic/lounge music for many years, Quoc Trung has the ability to seamlessly fuse Vietnamese traditional music with modern influences without losing his original identity. He uses many Vietnamese traditional musical instruments and even traditional vocals in his composing and arranging.

Quoc Trung has won numerous accolades in Vietnam and has performed in many countries worldwide. In the past 20 years, he performed alongside with Swiss popstar Stephan Eicher and French-African drummer Manu Katche; collaborated with well-known Scandinavian producer/composer/pianist Niels Lan Doky. He has also written music for a number of Asian movies and TV commercials. He was one of the judges of Vietnam’s Idol in 2010 and also produced a debut album for the winner of that year. Renowned as one of the pioneers in the development of cultural and musical activities in Vietnam, his most notable projects & concerts include: ‘The Road To Infinity’ project (2004), ‘Wishing Upon The Moon’ concert (2011) along with Niels Lan Doky and his trio, ‘The Root’ concert & 2 albums cooperating with Nguyen Le, Dhafer Youssef, Rhani Krija, “Monsoon Music Festival” (2014- now), “Cocofest’ (2016), ‘Vietnam Airline Classic - Hanoi Concert’(2017-2019) featuring the oldest and most renowned of London’s symphony orchestra - The London Symphony Orchestra, Daikin Concerts (2016-now) and ‘Binh Minh’ concert along with Thanh Lam (2018). 

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Founded in 2008 by prestigious and well-established producer and composer Quoc Trung, Thanh Viet Production is one of the pioneers in the development of cultural and musical activities, ranging from music festivals to concerts and events with international standard.

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