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Updated: 08/2023


Step 1: Sign in to website Monsoon Music Festival:
Step 2: Click "Book now"
Step 3: Choose type and quantity of tickets 
Step 4: Click "Check out" to view your Cart
Step 5: Click "Check out" within the cart then Sign in/ Sign up Monsoon account or Sign in with Google account 
Step 6: Verify your account via the email sent by Monsoon Music Festival
Step 7: Sign in with your verified account. You will be redirected to the Cart, Promotion code would be entered at this step (if any). Click Check out. 
Step 8: Recheck all the information and click “Agree with Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy” 
Step 9: Choose the payment method: 

  • ATM card 

  • International payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex) 

Step 10: Key in all required information then enter the OTP code

Step 11: Payment completed, receive the e-ticket via registered email

2. ticket exchange


3. check-in


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