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Alternative rock - a genre of music that has created names considered icons of popular culture and music, contributing legendary songs and bringing massive profits to the global music industry.

This is also the genre that many artists and bands have chosen to perform at the Monsoon Music Festival 2023. Let's learn more about this energetic and diverse style of music.

What is Alternative Rock?

Emerging in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the fundamental value of alternative rock lies in its non-traditional, experimental nature, distinguishing itself from the popular rock and pop music of the time. The term "alternative" itself implies choices that are substitutes for the usual compositions we are accustomed to.

Alternative rock is a unique blend of various styles like punk, post-punk, grunge, and indie. Therefore, alternative rock songs are diverse in melodies and styles, always containing intriguing surprises within each piece of music. This means that an alternative rock album will have very different songs, even though they belong to the same genre.

How has Alternative Rock Developed?

In 1979, American music journalist Terry Tolkin used the term "alternative music" to describe a new music genre. In the same year, radio station KZEW in Dallas had a late-night program for the new music trend, which they named "Rock and Roll Alternative." Additionally, Americans also referred to alternative rock as "college rock" as it was closely associated with the student population and their self-expression through music.

By the mid-1980s, the term "alternative rock" gained widespread popularity, to the point that it even spawned a similar term for the pop genre, "alternative pop." In September 1988, Billboard officially introduced "alternative" as a genre category in its ranking system. However, throughout the 1980s, alternative rock remained a subgenre, an underground music phenomenon. Most alternative songs were released by independent record labels and played on student-oriented radio stations.

It wasn't until the 1990s that alternative rock found its place in the music market. Famous alternative rock bands of this period include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, R.E.M, and Nirvana. This genre began appearing in more places with broader coverage: on MTV, in major music shows, advertisements, prominent radio stations, etc. The biggest boost to its popularity and mainstream appeal was the success of the band Nirvana and their album "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in 1991.

Until today, alternative rock continues to maintain its allure and dominates music charts and markets. Some well-known names in this genre that are still active today include Twenty One Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, and Fall Out Boy.

Which alternative rock artists and bands will be present at the Monsoon Music Festival 2023? Stay tuned to the Monsoon Music Festival 2023 communication channels to discover the upcoming announcements!



🚩Time: October 14th - October 22nd, 2023

🚩Opening Gala “Khai Hội”: October 14th at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square

🚩Music Week “Phố Hàng Nhạc”: between October 15th & 20th at various venues in the city center

🚩Closing Gala “Thăng Long Thành Hội”: October 21st & 22nd at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long


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